How does Business Group international medical insurance for employees work?

Organisations that provide international private medical insurance to their employees are required to pay the employee’s premium in order for it to qualify as a Company Group Scheme. Some organisations will look to cover the employee’s dependents as well or allow employees to add dependents at their own cost. Once the policy has been implemented, the employees will receive a membership pack and card that details how they can claim and what benefits they can access under the scheme. These details along with further information and support can also be found online on the insurer’s website.

Each country will have a different approach to providing healthcare but many do not operate a state run health service and it may be mandatory that your employee has private healthcare in order to live and work in that country.

Typically, overseas based employees would be required to pay for all of their medical needs, including routine GP visits, so most international medical plans provide very comprehensive cover to meet most of your employee’s medical needs. International plans often include repatriation cover; to get the member back to their home country should they need to. This can be particularly important if the employee has a family.