How is auto-enrolment pensions regulated?

Automatic Enrolment is regulated by The Pensions Regulator. They work with trustees, employers, pension specialists and business advisers, giving guidance on pensions and their corresponding duties.

Under legislation passed in 2008, and a statutory objective, The Pensions Regulator was given the role to help maximise compliance with the employer duties relating to automatic enrolment. Further details on The Pensions Regulator can be found on their website.

In order to track compliance and meet legislative requirements each company must:

  • Complete the declaration of compliance within five months of the staging date. This provides confirmation to The Pensions Regulator that an automatic enrolment pension Scheme has been put in place by the employer and the employer duties have been met.
  • Meet the continuous certification stages. Information will need to be submitted in relation to the following points every 18 months to complete the scheme certification:

Updated scheme data

  • Membership of the scheme
  • Salary definition being used
  • Contribution structure