Who is eligible for auto-enrolment?

The company is required to assess the workforce in each pay reference period and classify each employee under the following categories:

Earnings Age (inclusive)
  • 16 - 21
  • 22 - SPA**
  • SPA** - 74
Under lower earnings threshold (£5,824) Entitled worker
Between £5,824 and £10,000 Non-eligible jobholder
Over earnings trigger for automatic enrolment £10,000
  • Non-eligible jobholder
  • Eligible jobholder
  • Non-eligible jobholder

**State Pension Age

The company must then take the following actions:

Entitled Workers:

Can ask to opt in. Company not required to contribute.

Non-eligible jobholders:

Can ask to opt-in and Company must pay contributions.

Eligible jobholders:

Company must auto-enrol and then pay contributions.