AXA redefining standards

Axa PPP Healthcare

With a focus on choice and flexibility, AXA PPP healthcare brings 70 years of experience to provide you with prompt access to the latest established treatments, drugs and medical technology from private medical hospitals and specialists; you can be assured that they are helping you and your employees get back to health and back to work faster.

In addition, their leading Heart and Cancer commitment offers your employees better care and support for the two conditions that worry people the most.

Why Axa PPP Healthcare for Elect clients?

  • Flexibility and a variety of plan options to suit your budget, the size of your business, and your individual needs
  • Solutions to ensure you find the most cost-effective result for your business
  • Optional covers, including psychiatric cover, extended cancer cover; therapies upgrade option and travel cover, if required

AXA's PPP Healthcare value proposition

AXA PPP healthcare brings world-renowned healthcare, offering innovative solutions for small business health and wellbeing. This is health cover you can rely on.

Together employee benefits through Elect and AXA PPP healthcare for SMEs give you and your team access to private medical and specialist health services usually only available to big business.

AXA PPP healthcare has over two million members worldwide and are one of the largest health insurers in the UK, making them a name that your employees will trust.



Bupa has joined forces with Elect to provide small and medium businesses looking for employee benefits access to healthcare services previously only accessible to larger companies.

Bupa was founded in 1947 and its 65 years of history demonstrates a heritage of dedication to patient care.

Bupa's goal is to ensure everyone has access to the best healthcare available in order to help restore to full health and to work as quickly as possible.

Why Bupa for Elect clients?

At Bupa healthcare is, and will remain their only focus. Providing outstanding customer service and an impressive range of healthcare support services, Bupa's purpose is to help is to help people live longer, healthier, happier lives. As one of Elect's partners, Bupa brings a proposition to help small and medium business manage their business healthcare needs.

Bupa's value proposition

Bupa provides integrated services for Elect members; these include;

  • Employee Assistance Program, including face-to-face counselling to help get employees supported and back to work sooner
  • Dental cash benefit, including cash payments and cover towards routine and accidental dental injury
  • Optical cash benefit, including cash towards prescriptions, spectacles and contact lenses

Bupa consistently provides small businesses with flexible and affordable health insurance plans. Additional claim areas include oncology, mental health, cardiac, knee and back treatment plans.

Bupa is focused on the individual and company wellbeing, and is dedicated reducing absenteeism related to health. Bupa provides valuable healthcare solutions for small and medium businesses.

Canada Life

Canada Life

Canada Life has been in the group risk market for over 40 years and is the UK's largest provider of group insurance products, insuring over £2.5bn in group benefits at the beginning of 2014.

Their experience and expertise in Group Life Assurance and Group Income Protection is recognised in the market and the currently cover approximately 2.75 million employees through their group schemes.

Business placed with Canada Life is in the safe hands of group insurance specialists who pride themselves on delivering the best service in the market. Their dedicated Bristol office manages every aspect of group policies, from quotations and customer service, to underwriting and claims handling.

Why Canada Life for Elect clients?

  • Award-winning customer service - Canada Life have been ranked number one for customer service for five years running in the ORC International Group Protection survey )an industry-wide survey involving all major competitors)
  • Special discounts for Elect clients - Multi-product, loyalty, new-to-market and scheme transfer discounts are available for Elect clients, with rates guaranteed for three years
  • 24/7 business and legal support - All Elect clients immediately get access to a business and legal support service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Added-value additional benefits - From rehabilitation services, to gaining an expert second medical opinion, you will get a range of additional benefits that can help both you and your employees.

Canada Life's value proposition

Canada Life believes firmly in providing more than just market-leading group insurance policy. That's why they also include a range of additional benefits aimed at supporting your business and the wellbeing of your employees.

Included with every Group Income Protection policy is free access to an employee assistance programme and expert second medical opinion service. Unlike many insurers, these services are available to all of your UK-based employees - whether they are insured under the policy or not. Employers and scheme members also benefit from support by Canada Life's in-house rehabilitation and early intervention services, delivered by their dedicated and medically-trained Rehabilitation Consultants.

Their expertise in Group Life Assurance combined with their award-winning customer service delivers the best experience in the market. Not only that, but they also offer Bereavement Counselling and a Probate Helpline with all of their Group Life policies, completely free of charge.



Cigna works with Elect to help small businesses provide leading-edge dental benefit solutions to their employees.

Why Cigna for Elect clients?

Cigna has worked with Elect to provide dental plans to clients for a number of years.

Cigna offers a range of plans and cover levels, offering their clients and employees a range of options to suit their needs and budgets. Cigna reviews plans for major treatment, saving time and costs on unnecessary treatments.

Cigna's value proposition

Cigna adds value by going beyond the basics. We:

  • Understand employer needs and treat their employees as individuals
  • Deliver a consistently high quality service
  • Provide useful information which helps manage health

Crispin Speers & Partners

Crispin Speers & Partners (CSP) specialise in travel and personal accident insurance in the UK and throughout the world. Employee benefits from Elect with Crispin Speers provide small businesses with access to comprehensive and affordable travel insurance benefits that were once unattainable. The CSP partnership with Mercer Marsh Benefits through Elect has led to the creation of a unique product.

Why Crispin Speers & Partners for Elect clients?

Since 1985, CSP has offered bespoke travel and personal accident insurance to companies both large and small. CSP has considerable experience and unique expertise in benefit solutions and meeting the needs of customers.

For CSP, the relationship is the key ingredient to maintaining lower premiums and higher customer satisfaction.

Crispin Speers' value proposition

  • Worldwide trip cover
  • Full cover including winter sports, business and leisure travel, and other benefits which are normally optional, but can be added at an extra cost
  • Extensive Personal Accident benefits including rehabilitation and home modification
  • No excess on business trip claims
  • Collision Damage Waiver covering compulsory excesses on car hire contract
  • Hospital cash benefit to provide for those minor expenses, such as newspapers, incurred whilst staying as a hospital inpatient during a holiday/trip
  • Simple admin and free cover allowing your membership to grow by up to 10% with no additional charges
  • Dedicated claims teams and helplines
  • Crispin Speers & Partners understand the needs and demands of those seeking to purchase corporate travel insurance, both from big and small businesses


Unum specialises in providing Income Protection and Life Insurance through the workplace. They are committed to helping the UK's workforce get a backup plan.

At the end of June 2011, Unum insured more than 9,500 companies with 100 or less employees. They protected 1.9 million people and paid out more than £5 million a week in benefits.

Why Unum for Elect clients?

  • Discounts available when you take Group Income Protection Protection and Group Life policy, with rates guaranteed for up to three years
  • Instant answers to your questions: As an Elect customer, you have access to a dedicated admin team. Phone or email them with all your policy and accounting queries
  • Free Legal Support: Speak to a legal expert or create a customised document such as a health and safety policy, whenever you need.
  • Help getting your employees back to work: From day one of an employee absence, Unum's award-winning team of rehabiliation professionals can help you

Unum's value proposition

Unum's common sense approach to underwriting means that most people they insure never have to be underwritten.

They can also provide full cover to people with serious medical conditions. So, even employees with diabetes, paraplegia, or those with a history of cancer, mental or nervous disorders, heart attacks or back pain may still get the full protection they need.

If you need to claim, they will keep in direct contact with all parties ensuring everyone is kept up-to-date on the status of the claim.



Aegon has been helping customers in the UK with their financial futures since 1831. as a global provider of pensions, investment and protection solutions, Aegon has around 40 million customers worldwide and two million customers in the UK.

Aegon provides Elect clients with retirement and workplace savings solutions to suit customers' changing needs. A secure financial future rests on having the right plan in place now - leaving people free to get on with living their lives to the full.

Why Aegon for Elect clients?

Offering an enhanced benefits package to employees will help companies attract new employees and help retain existing employees. Aegon Retirement Choices (ARC) is changing the face of workplace savings - the variety of products, tools and investment options will give Elect clients the flexibility to create a compelling employee benefit package for your workforce.

  • A value-led workplace savings arrangement through an online platform. Employees can access a pension scheme, as well as a variety of other ways to save for the future.
  • A variety of product wrappers with different levels of investment choices in one scheme that lets employers provide for the different saving needs and aspirations of their workforce.
  • Simplified administration - employers will be able to manage and submit payroll data online and trigger payments to fund pension and ISA contributions. Employers have the ability to view and maintain scheme level information.

Aegon's value proposition

ARC offers a workplace savings arrangement, which can be flexible to meet employer needs, whilst providing employees with a range of options to meet theirs. Nowadays, one size doesn't fit all - Aegon offers employers workplace solutions that can cater for employees' different saving needs, levels of individual control and financial confidence.

It uses leading-edge technology and flexible investment options to support employers and employees. Enabling employers to offer more than just the traditional pension arrangement to employees including being able to set up an ISA which can be funded though payroll.



Aetna is respected around the world for providing fully integrated employee benefits and health solutions to both businesses and individuals. Aetna brings Elect clients the innovative support and experience that comes with 155 years of integrity and healthcare experience both at home and abroad.

Aetna International has over 445,000 members worldwide and has a global provider network of professional healthcare and facilities. Aetna and Elect work to provide comprehensive health benefit solutions to help meet your ever-changing business needs. Aetna actively promotes access to affordable, flexible healthcare, innovative and comprehensive products, services and a first-class service for everyone, regardless of situation or location.

Why Aetna for Elect clients?

  • A 'best in market' international healthcare solution for small and mid-sized companies
  • Flexible and unique features previously unavailable for small and mid-sized companies
  • A fantastic healthcare proposition unique to Elect clients
  • a truly global footprint providing cost effective healthcare

Aetna value proposition

Aetna is an award-winning provider of international benefits, medical insurance and excellence in healthcare.

The partnership between Aetna and Elect helps bring a wide range of choice and customisable options to Elect clients, including competitive premiums that can be tailored to your needs.

Aetna International offers exceptional provider breadth through provider arrangements and strategic partnerships. Outside the U.S we have worldwide direct-settlement arrangements with over 71,000 private healthcare professionals.

Aetna has established a strong global presence that touches key areas all over the world. With offices around the globe, we are able to provide worldwide support for all Elect clients.


About Aviva

Aviva are experts in Group Protection.

Holding a 41% share1 of the Group Critical Illness market demonstrates the confidence that employers have in Aviva to help protect their employees.

Aviva provide a comprehensive and flexible Group Critical Illness product, complimented by added value benefits which are designed to support employees at a time when it’s needed most – not just at the point of claim.

Why Aviva for Elect?

  • Cover for a second or subsequent cancer. Aviva offers an optional benefit that can be selected when setting up the policy, which provides some cover for employees who have previously been diagnosed with cancer. A benefit would be payable on diagnosis of a new, unrelated cancer as defined by the policy terms.
  • Flexibility. With a choice of standard or extended cover when setting up a policy, Aviva provides flexible cover options, tailored to suit your needs and your budget.
  • Simplicity. Aviva’s Group Critical Illness cover can be organised quickly and efficiently – cover is subject to a Pre Existing Conditions Exclusion, with no medical underwriting necessary for members.
  • Eligibility. Aviva will offer Group Critical Illness cover for companies of 2 lives or more for Mercer Elect clients.
  • Aviva makes eligible payments as quickly as possible. If an employee suffers from a critical illness, or undergoes an operation, as defined in the policy terms, their focus will be on recovery – not administration. Aviva aim to make the claims process as smooth as possible, and pay eligible claims as quickly as they can.

Aviva’s Value Proposition

Much of Aviva’s focus is on providing added value benefits and enhancements which support customers throughout the duration of their policy.

Making a financial payment in the event of a claim is the core purpose of the policy; however Aviva also understand that support can mean more than receiving a monetary amount.

Through its offering Aviva provides access a range of added value services such as Best Doctors®, Red Arc personal nurse adviser service, and access to a 24/7 Stress Helpline provided by Care first.  These services offer a valuable support network to employees; in addition the Best Doctors and Red Arc are services are also available to their dependents.

Aviva also provides your employees with multi product discounts and money off of gym membership at a range of UK health clubs – providing even greater value for money.

These added value services are non-contractual benefits and can be withdrawn at any time by Aviva without notice.

Market share calculation is based on our own premium data and the total of in-force premiums for Group Critical illness covers in 2015, taken from the 2016 Swiss Re Group Watch.

GR03076 07/2016

Aviva Life & Pensions UK Limited. Registered in England Number 3253947.

Aviva, Wellington Row, York,YO90 1WR. Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

Firm Reference Number 185896.



VitalityHealth is award-winning health insurance that is unique in that it helps your employees live a healthier lifestyle every day by providing rewards for being healthy with a variety of discounts and incentives on offer. Like other insurance, it protects your employees when things go wrong, but it also supports them in leading a healthier lifestyle. This means that all your employees are able to benefit, not only those who make a claim.

Why VITALITY for Elect Clients?

In addition to Vitality’s standard cover, Elect clients have access to:

  • Enhanced Vitality GP benefit: Elect members will have £300 available towards private prescriptions, minor diagnostic tests and face-to-face in-network GP consultations. Non-Elect clients have only £100 available under this benefit. Private GPs now come with a £20 co-insurance.
  • Workplace wellness benefits: With Elect you get access to Vitality workplace wellness benefits that are usually only available to our large corporate clients. In addition we have tailored these services for smaller businesses to meet your needs.
    • Telephonic workplace wellness consultations for your HR manager to provide guidance on implementing workplace wellness initiatives and getting the most out of Vitality’s health and rewards partners
    • A guidebook with key insights into workplace wellness from our Britain’s Healthiest Workplace initiative, based on sound academic research
    • Quarterly wellness packs with promotional material for your HR manager to help drive awareness about health in your workplace and the benefits Vitality has to offer
    • Centralised wellness (health screens) days in major metropolitan areas
    • Annual wellness summit for HR managers of Elect clients

VITALITY’s value proposition

By incentivising healthy activities, Elect members are more likely to succeed at reaching their health goals and are less likely to get ill.

The healthier they are, the more they can get out of life and the more productive they can be at work. It’s a virtuous cycle that’s good for members and good for employers.