Making the most of your employee benefits
in the workplace


It is easy to think of insurance as a luxury purchase, only affordable and available to large corporates. However, for small businesses, many benefit policies are enhanced by support services which, with the right communication, allow the policies to be used every day without the need for insurance claims to be made. This can represent a significant return on your spend and transform some purchases from luxuries into essentials.

Below are just some of the fantastic ways that Elect can help look after your employees by providing everyone with the benefits that suit their needs:

Group Life Assurance Cover

In addition to offering protection for your employees’ loved ones in the form of a tax-free lump sum in an unfortunate event where an employee passes away, some Group Life Assurance plans also come with access to helplines operated by trained bereavement counsellors and probate experts, providing employees with a peace of mind that their family members will be supported in the best way possible. This can help your employees during the toughest points of their life.

Group Income Protection Insurance

Group Income Protection Insurance typically has the most integrated suite of support and has evolved to provide a remarkable and comprehensive amount of help to both employers and employees. In addition to covering an employee’s salary up to a certain percentage should they become unable to work for a long period of time, some long term income protection policies also come with Employee Assistance Programmes. These can help prevent or minimise workplace absence, provide employees with second medical opinion services to ensure their diagnosis and treatment is accurate and effective, and offer your business legal support services to tighten up your workplace policies to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and correctly.

Group Life and Critical Illness Cover

With a heavy reliance on meeting clear, but very technical, general and critical illness definitions, Group Life and Critical Illness cover is also often supported by a second medical opinion service for clinical certainty. It is not all cold calculation though, and personal nurse adviser services may also be available. These benefits put seriously ill or injured employees, whatever their condition, in touch with a trained professional who will be able to provide practical support, tailored specifically for them. The employee can also make use of their personal nurse adviser for as long as they need help.

Making your people aware of how to best use their benefits

All the support in the world will not do you or your workforce any good if you do not keep it at the forefront of their minds. In order to turn your insurance from an expense into an investment, you need to communicate effectively to your workers. Don’t just be clear about what help is available but how to access it and demonstrate its relevance to your employees in their day-to-day life.

Signposting your support services as part of your standard processes can make a huge impact on utilisation. For example, if an employee is taking a lot of time off sick, or their behaviour or personality seems to have changed, it may not occur to them to check in with someone on the phone who can listen to their issues and offer guidance. By pointing your staff to these services at times where they are directly relevant to their circumstances, it emphasises that you as an employer are paying attention to them and their individual needs. Training your people managers to look out for opportunities to give an extra nudge will pay dividends in the long run in terms of loyalty and ultimately, productivity.

Communication can be tricky to handle, so it is important to understand your workforce and be flexible. A poster with the Employee Assistance Programme number written clearly on it, stuck right by the coffee machine is undeniably great for awareness. However, will having the poster in such a prominent place actually stop people from spending a few moments taking the number down in case someone sees them? Try a few approaches; see what generates interest and what your employees respond best to. Don’t be afraid to “fail fast”; try something out, and if it does not resonate then drop it and move onto a different method. Get it right and you will create a working environment people won’t want to leave, giving you an invaluable edge in the contest for talent.

Elect provide employers with end-to-end support to best manage employee communications strategies, as well as a wealth of resources to help you maximise the value of your benefits spend.

Not only is talking to someone about their situation a good way to show you care, it’s often the only way to understand how you can help. Whether your employee is supporting a loved one or being treated for cancer themselves, an open and honest conversation can be a huge weight off their mind.

Finding the right words isn’t always easy, but saying nothing is often worse. Just try to avoid phrases that you can’t back up, such as ‘I know you’ll be fine’ or ‘You are so strong.’ While your intentions may be good, a better approach may be to ask the person how they’re feeling or tell them that you want to help them through the good and bad days.


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This article has been written in collaboration with Canada Life, one of Elect’s insurance providers. It is for information only and is not specific advice. It is based on our current understanding of the attributed research which may change in the future.