Elect Engage

The Simplest Way to Buy and Manage

your Employee Benefits online

Elect Engage has now launched in the UK.


Elect Engage is an online employee benefits platform that will help you manage your employee benefits and engage with your employees all in one place, anytime, anywhere.


What’s in it for the Employer?

  • Buy benefits online – obtain insurance quotes and purchase benefits online from our leading providers.
  • Manage benefits – you can manage all employee data in one place and store all benefits information, saying goodbye to never-ending piles of paperwork – coming soon!
  • Create and run reports, and schedule them to run automatically, as required.


What’s in it for the Employee?

  • 24/7 access to their benefits documents
  • Learn all about what’s available to them
  • Gain immediate information and access to any relevant Employee Assistance Programmes available through their Elect policy



Watch our short video below to see how the platform will be able to help you and your people 



If you still have any questions about Elect Engage or general Elect enquiries, please complete the form below and one of our employee benefits experts will be in touch.

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If you are outside of the UK but think Engage could work for your UK-based business, please call us on 0800 0232 785 so we can understand your requirements further and ensure that you receive the right support from us to get the most from Engage!